Command line features#

Run DataLab#

To run DataLab from the command line, type the following:

$ cdl

To show help on command line usage, simply run:

$ cdl --help
usage: [-h] [-b path] [-v] [--unattended] [--screenshot] [--delay DELAY] [--xmlrpcport PORT]
              [--verbose {quiet,minimal,normal}]

Run DataLab

positional arguments:
h5                    HDF5 file names (separated by ';'), optionally with dataset name (separated by ',')

-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-b path, --h5browser path
                        path to open with HDF5 browser
-v, --version         show DataLab version
--reset               reset DataLab configuration
--unattended          non-interactive mode
--accept_dialogs      accept dialogs in unattended mode
--screenshot          automatic screenshots
--delay DELAY         delay (ms) before quitting application in unattended mode
--xmlrpcport XMLRPCPORT
                        XML-RPC port number
--verbose {quiet,normal,debug}
                        verbosity level: for debugging/testing purpose

Open HDF5 file at startup#

To open HDF5 files, or even import only a specified HDF5 dataset, use the following:

$ cdl /path/to/file1.h5
$ cdl /path/to/file1.h5,/path/to/dataset1
$ cdl /path/to/file1.h5,/path/to/dataset1;/path/to/file2.h5,/path/to/dataset2

Open HDF5 browser at startup#

To open the HDF5 browser at startup, use one of the following commands:

$ cdl -b /path/to/file1.h5
$ cdl --h5browser /path/to/file1.h5

Run DataLab demo#

To execute DataLab demo, run the following:

$ cdl-demo

Run validation tests#


Validation tests are directly included in individual unit tests and are disseminated throughout the code. The test functions including validation tests are marked with the @pytest.mark.validation decorator.

To execute DataLab validation tests, run the following:

$ pytest -m validation

See also

See section Validation for more information on DataLab’s validation strategy.

Run complete test suite#

To execute all DataLab unit tests, simply run:

$ pytest

Run interactive tests#

To execute DataLab interactive tests, run the following:

$ cdl-tests