Getting started#

DataLab is an open platform for signal and image processing. Its functional scope is intentionally broad. With its many functions, some of them technically advanced, DataLab enables the processing and visualization of all types of scientific data. As a result, scientific, industrial, and innovation stakeholders can have access to an easy-to-use tool that seemlessly integrates into their workflow and offers the reliability of industrial-grade software.

DataLab leverages the power of Python and its scientific ecosystem, through the use of the following libraries:

  • NumPy for numerical computing (arrays, linear algebra, etc.)

  • SciPy for scientific computing (interpolation, special functions, etc.)

  • scikit-image and OpenCV for image processing

  • PyWavelets for wavelet transform

  • PlotPyStack for Qt-based interactive data visualization


How to install DataLab on your computer


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Tutorials to learn how to use DataLab